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College campuses right across the US are adopting an Australian flavour due to the incredible opportunities they make available through sporting scholarships.

Being the most diverse University system in the world, US Colleges are focusing their energies increasingly on international enrolments. And one of the most exciting way colleges are doing so is by recruiting international student athletes, which is great news for young sporting Australians.

USA Sports Scholarships allow Australian applicants to earn a degree, compete, travel and live at a US College, often for FREE. In return, scholarship holders must fulfil academic requirements and represent their College to the best of their ability in their chosen sport.

Earning a College Scholarship and a place on a College sporting roster can be attained through:

Students who accepted into a US College to study and represent a sporting team is known as a ‘student- athlete’. Student- athlete scholarships covers all or a percentage of the following costs:

Am I Good Enough to be a Student Athlete?

The answer to this question, for more and more Australian’s looking to study and play in the USA is ‘YES’!

US College coaches are not just looking for Australia’s top athletes; they are looking for promising athletes that they can develop as a part of their team.

Additionally, they are looking for applicants with strong character who value their education. If you satisfy these criteria we can help you find the right fit.

For over a decade, in conjunction with College coaches, from New York to Florida to Texas over to California, Study & Play USA have been guiding Australian athletes find suitable scholarships and above all find their right fit.

So, Ready to Get Started?