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Meg Blundy-Jones- Bachelor of Arts/ Rowing


Meg Blundy-Jones


University of Connecticut                              


Women's Rowing


Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sociology and Human Rights

List your top 3 highlights of your time in the US

  1. Competing at the Head of the Charles,
  2. Spring break training camps in Miami
  3. Free entry to university sporting events

How many American states did you travel to while in College?

New York
Rhodes Island
New Jersey
And Connecticut of course!

Describe a typical day in your life as a student/athlete

4am wake up
Practice starts at 5am (off campus), row until 7:30am then back to campus for a quick breakfast. Off to class from 8am until 12pm then a second training session that is land based e.g weights training or cardio and technique. Back to class until about 3pm. After 3pm I would hang out with my friends, go to sporting events, get dinner, go to the movies. You are like any other college student except come 9pm on a training night it’s off to bed to do it all over again!

What is one piece of advice you would give to high school students considering the US College pathway?

Work hard and trust the process. The most important thing is to find the right fit for you. Spend time really getting to know your coaches, think about what kind of climate suits you and your sport, do you want a big university or something smaller. Inner city campus or something a little more regional. All these things play a part in recognising what school will suit you. But most of all make sure that the team has the right dynamic, are your team mates going to support you and push you to be better whilst also being about to have fun?

What are you up to now?

I am back in Melbourne studying a Bachelor of Nursing and taking some time away from rowing after nationals earlier this year. I’m incredibly grateful for the experience I had in the US as it has pushed me to do things outside my comfort zone and I am especially grateful to Chris, Alexia and the team for being so patient with me during the process!

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