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Hannah Watson, B. General Studies / Tennis

Hannah Watson, B. General Studies / Tennis

College: Temple Junior College Temple, Texas / Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas
Major: Sports Administration
Degree: Bachelors in General Studies
Sport: Tennis

What were some of the highlights of your time in the US?

Everything was a highlight. In my time at Temple we made it to nationals both years.  This allowed us to travel to Arizona, which was another great experience being able to play in another state while competing with your team which is your extended family. The best part of this experience to me was meeting new people, experiencing another culture and being able to play the sport you love in another country.

Describe a typical day in your life as a student/athlete.

I would start my day with my 8am classes and go to school until 12 or 1pm.  Typically we would take up to 5 classes for a semester. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we would have 6am practice where we would go to the gym and workout for an hour before classes. After workouts we would then go eat breakfast as a team and get ready to go to class. After classes we would then go to lunch and get ready for practice at 3pm. We would then practice for 2 to 3 hours doing drills and other exercises depending on what day it was on Wednesdays we would have match play for both doubles and singles.

How did you balance your studies, sport and spare time?

By staying on top of my studies this allowed me to see more things around the towns where I have lived. Not procrastinating and leaving everything to the last minute where I would then be stuck inside doing homework all the time. I found that having a calendar and writing down when everything was due,  practice schedules and competition schedules  made me stay on top on everything.   I also knew when I had time to spare to do whatever I wanted.

What would you say to a high school student considering a US Scholarship?

If you are considering taking on this journey I would tell them that it was a wonderful experience in my eyes.  Moving to America taught me a lot of things; one of the major things was learning how to rely on myself and doing everything on my own.   Not having my parents there 24/7 to tell me what to do and organising me was a valuable lesson for me. The main thing to remember is to keep your eyes on your goals, remember why you made a decision to go and that studies are just as important as playing sport.

What are you up to now?

I am still here at Henderson State University working on my Major in Sports Administration. I have been employed by the College to assist in supervising the Freshman girls and the Dorm Apartment block.  As payment for this job they are supplying me with an apartment, the costs of academics, food allowance and a small wage to get me through my Major.  I will have 2 more years of school until I graduate.

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