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Category Archives: Studying in the USA

What is a “Student Athlete” and could I be one?

You may hear the term ‘student athlete’ thrown around when it comes to discussing USA Colleges and scholarships. Essentially - students who accepted into a US College to study and also represent a sporting team are known as a ‘student athletes’. Being the most diverse University system in the world, US Colleges are focusing their energies increasingly on international ‘student Continue Reading

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Why a US College Athletic Scholarship is a Privilege

In recent times there has been great debate in North America around the college sports system and the ‘exploitation’ of student athletes to raise revenue for the universities. In Australia, there is no such thing as a free university education via an athletic scholarship. Meaning, the high school athletes that aren’t selected for a national or elite program in a Continue Reading

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Want a Sports Scholarship to a US University? Here’s How.

Every year, more and more Australian athletes are attempting to play college sports in the United States. There are hundreds of US athletic scholarships available to Australian student athletes every year, but actually being offered one of these scholarships can be a long and difficult process. Being recruited to play college sports is a difficult proposition for American athletes, let Continue Reading

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